He established an organizational culture which promotes equality, open-mindless and inclusiveness and created an environment in which all of us as employees could easily express our ideas, criticism, and feel the ownership of the organization. (Aysel Gojayeva, Azerbaijan/Germany)

Consider him an extremely well-rounded, dedicated and resourceful professional, learning a great deal from his rich experience developing and implementing complex projects in sensitive environments, and (…) appreciate his interpersonal skills and ability to lead a team with a great sense of responsibility and trust. (Blandine Smilansky, France/Belgium)

He become an extremely well respected NGO director in international policy-making and grant-making networks. Jonathan is a proven manager, fundraiser, communicator, and community organizer.  (Patrick Barker, United Kingdom/United States)

Not often I saw such a passionate professional. Excellent vision on issues regarding the civil society and so on, strong motivator of his project teams, great speaker in public, sensitive for intercultural differences, socializes at all levels. (Erwin Capitain, The Netherlands)

I have always been impressed by his bravery in taking on the most difficult conversations about contested histories and his incredible skill in guiding these discussions productively and democratically. (Kate Lepham, United States/United Kingdom)

He engaged different communities in discussions which generated energy, commitment and creativity.  I have found him to be intellectually challenging and someone with a deep understanding of the positive role of enquiry based, multi-perspective history teaching in emerging democracies, and the contribution it can make to peace-building. (Alan McCully, Northern Ireland)

He is hands-on, creative and inspiring in solution-finding, and skilled in various fields of international partnerships and cooperations (e.g. Euro-Mediterranean relations). I experienced his outstanding skills in grants applications and donor relations, executive management and team leadership. (Agnes Tuna, Austria/Belgium)

He is trustworthy and serious in his work, but also very kind and easy to cope with. As a head of an organisation he has also shown his skills to direct an organisation (NGO) both economically and managing human resources.
(Najat Ouakrim-Soivio, Finland)

His dedication to upholding the historical record – while at the same time encouraging open, honest dialogue – has inspired many across the world. (Richelle Budd Caplan, Israel)

The recommendations above are extracts from those provided on LinkedIn. These are from colleagues, supervisors, partners and funders connected to EUROCLIO. More testimonials of consultancy work done will be added in due course.