EU Matters.

Yes. Elections are coming. Tomorrow I’ll be voting. To be honest still a bit torn between Volt and the Dutch Social Democrats. I’d like to advance Volt, because I strongly agree with the need of a stronger, more cohesive, as well as social and democratic European level of governance on the continent and am not afraid for any kind of loss of whatever a National Identity is. But the strategic thing for Dutch political dynamics would be to support central, more established, parties which might (as it looks like in the polls) help push out the strange creature which is the “Forum for Democracy” party whose leader had intellectualistic flirtations with white male supremacy, and generally seems to be more interested in winning than in content. It’ll be a Tottenham-esque last minute decision.

Here is a video with a couple of thought I kind of articulate about the EU.

And here is a video which excellent to take you on a tour of what the EU is, and does: