Honest proposal writing: Part I “Just do it”

Q: “How will you ensure implementation according to planning?”

  • Passive aggressive comments and/or sarcasm during progress review meetings.
  • We will wing it. We are awesome. You know this. Look at our track record.
  • Mental and physical torture of all stakeholders, and on all levels.
  • Set up a bunch of milestones, benchmarks and indicators. Make sure they are mainly void of meaning, and then report to you about them in words that are nearly identical to the proposal.Jokes aside. This question of course wants to map out what strategies and methods you have in place to actually implement a project. How do you schedule? How do you follow-up with people on what they had to do? What do you do when people don’t do what they said the would do? Do you recognize risks and bottlenecks in your own planning?

So, yes, I get it. It makes sense. I guess I would just love to see an application at some point having questions like:

What will you do when things don’t go according to plan? Imagine one such scenario and take us through your thought process.
Have your partners during the proposal phase expressed some worry about the planning being ‘too much planning, and not enough doing’? How did you respond to this?
What is the opposite of planning? Do you value this as positive or negative, explain why.
…and back to work…